We help you communicate better with your audience, solve your brand position, provide solutions to sell more product and, well,  make you look good. We guide our clients to where they want to be. It’s about communicating and approaching the partnership with an open mind and clear direction  ––  Our goal is to offer a return on investment through effective strategy, experience and let’s face it, a whole lot of elbow grease. Above all, we nurture creativity, building on an idea that is both positive and memorable.

Brand Development

Your company’s brand is the essence of your company. It represents your company in your customer’s mind. Your brand is your company’s personality. We dig deep and find out what that is and provide a strategy that pieces together all the mediums into a seamless platform. There is no cookie cutter solution. What works for a financial institution, will not work for a clothing brand. What’s more, every touch point must work together whether online, on the street, on a brochure or on a banner, instant visual recognition means brand loyalty.

Yes, a company brand gets tired. New markets, new direction for your business or your company grew fast. These events can rupture the consistency of your image and message. We audit all facets of an existing brand and provide the vision and tools to solve the problem. We’re not just talk, see our work for the proof.

Corporate Design

Great design is the collaboration of creativity, strategy and vision. Combining this with big picture thinking you have a solid foundation for all your brand requirements. From cool to corporate, we deliver high end creative solutions that adapt to the required market. Years of experience and an ear to the ground enables us to stay in touch of what the “NOW” is in design language. Within the broad spectrum of today’s design faculty, we can accommodate all levels of design and typography required for effective communication.


An effective creative campaign is developed to communicate ideas about products and services to potential consumers. Through this we endeavour to change their preference and convince them to buy those products and services. We must make a connection. Who is your market? Where are they? What do they want? We must understand the consumers behaviour and what makes them tick in order to connect with them. With this knowledge we can produce a campaign that they relate to, remember and ultimately the desire to purchase.


These include but are not limited to:

Company brand development and strategy
Corporate literature
Annual Reports
Magazine Publishing

Retail brochures
Point of Sale collateral
Large format billboards, street art, banners
Conference/trade show collateral
Web, digital and mobile applications


2003 was the year Xander became… with cornerstone client Unwired, we charged ahead without the safety net of a large agency team. But that was okay. It was ours and we were hungry.
Fast forward more than 10 years, Xander, lead by CD and Owner Alex Bennett, still has the hunger to achieve and create memorable and effective communications. We have a tight team of communication and creative minds on call, and a firm set of design and business principles that guide us.


Some of the clients we’ve worked with