Helping clients achieve clarity about their brand identity.

Providence Consulting Group is currently undergoing a "brand audit" as part of a brand refresh project. This is an exciting time for our organisation and we're experiencing high growth and we wish to improve our corporate identity and brand. We highly value your thoughts and input on where you think our strengths lie and where we can improve our corporate brand. These are personal opinions and totally confidential.

  • (Topics to consider: its corporate history, its reputation, its ownership, Board and executive structure, the services it delivers, its geographical presence, feelings about the organisation, its people and culture, its processes and quality systems, how it works with, and treats, its customers, peers, employees and engages with the community, its vision for the future).
  • (refer above topic areas)
  • (“Elements”: company name, logo, motto, colours, fonts, styles, graphics, images, photos, business cards, Word and PowerPoint templates, banners, website, LinkedIn and other social media, promotional materials, methods of marketing and communications.
  • Why do they need to be improved or fixed?
  • Why, or how are they competitors?
  • URL examples of other brands may be included.
  • Column 1 
  • Any colours, images or styles to stay clear of?