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Wrkr is a listed company and the result of a merger of numerous brands such as InPayTech, Bond, Comply Path, PayVu and ClickSuper.

Xander was engaged to develop a brand that resonated with both consumer and B2B markets, and represented the hire to retire workforce compliance regulatory sector.

Working closely with the management team we developed a visual identity which follows their commitment to industry foresight. We created a dynamic graphic system which references the ideology that the new entity was, at its core, about the worker.

Based on the modern interpretation, the latest RegTech business brand was to become wrkr.

To support this positioning, we developed the wrkr bee, Reg. Reg is short for RegTech and it is the foundation of not only our visual brand language, palettes and graphic delivery, Reg also represents the hard working cornerstone of the businesses promise.


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