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How many times recently have you used your mobile phone to search for a company, product or service? Every day probably! And is there anything more annoying than clicking through to a website only to find the text is too small to read, the menu is impossible to use, the forms don’t work and it’s all too hard – so you give up!

As a brand specialist, I cringe every time this happens. If only companies knew the impact that out-dated website technology is having on their business.

According to statistics from mobiForge, 80% of local searches on mobile devices turn into purchases. But given 46% of mobile web users are unlikely to return to a website they had trouble accessing in the past you better make sure their first experience of your website is outstanding!

For the past two years I’ve been on a personal mission to educate my clients on the importance of upgrading to mobile-responsive website platforms – for the sake of their brand and their customer’s experience.

Now, Google has injected some urgency into this with the introduction of new changes to their searches on mobiles. If this isn’t the impetus for all Australian companies to have mobile-friendly websites I don’t know what is!

I have outlined the changes and impacts below to help you understand the potential impacts on your digital strategy and branding…

So what exactly are the changes?
From April 21 2015, Google have expanded their use of “mobile-friendliness” as a search ranking criteria worldwide.

What does this mean?
When a person does an internet search on their mobile phone, Google will penalise sites that are not configured properly for mobile devices by dropping them down in the search rankings.

Conversely, businesses that have adopted mobile-responsive technology for their websites will see their sites ranked higher in the search results.

How does this affect your business?
Greatly. Companies who are not prepared, could find themselves appearing much lower in Google search rankings on mobiles than they have in the past – resulting in fewer visitors to their sites, and potentially less customers.

Estimates given say that almost half of all Google searches are expected to come from mobile devices by the end of 2015. This could mean big risks for companies NOT adopting mobile-responsive digital platforms.

What about the impact on your brand?
While the drop in Google page ranking is one concern, businesses should also be considering the overall impact on the customer experience and user friendliness on mobile devices.

Hard to read content, links you can’t click and forms that are difficult to complete all have a HUGE impact on your brand. And it doesn’t look too pretty either!

How do you determine if your site is mobile-friendly?
We call mobile-friendly sites, “responsive”. This allows for your regular old desktop site to refit and reformat to the shape of a mobile device. Images are scaled, text is resized, forms and templates flow within the screen. If your website DOESN’T do this… then not only will Google penalise you but your customers could too!

Check HERE to see if your site is mobile-ready.

What can you do if it’s not?
There are a range of mobile-responsive web platforms now available and being used for small to large scale website development. From WordPress to Drupal there are solutions for all business of all sizes.

If you want to maintain your brand’s integrity and ensure your website is optimized for both existing and potential customers, it is probably time you considered upgrading to a mobile-responsive site this year.

And if you need help – we’re here.
We don’t just build responsive websites, we design them. It’s not just the technology and functionality behind a responsive site, it’s also how it looks on screen. We maintain your brand integrity on a secure mobile platform.

This month we are offering all our valued contacts a FREE assessment of your website’s “mobile-friendliness” PLUS advice on how to take the necessary steps to create beautifully branded, mobile-responsive digital platforms your customers will love.

To register your interest please email and we will be in touch shortly.

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