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AbiBird Unobtrusive Activity Sensor 


AbiBird is an ingenious blend of technology that includes the AbiBird unobtrusive activity sensor and the AbiBird smartphone app. AbiBird has been developed so that your mum, dad and older loved ones can retain the independence they deserve. AbiBird gives you peace of mind in knowing, all the time, that your older loved ones are OK, or importantly, if they may not be OK.

We’ve all been working solidly for months preparing for the launch campaign and go live for the AbiBird brand and website here in Australia. We developed a solid e-shopping and membership backend for the seemless purchase of AbiBird.

We are working on the international launch and AbiBird will be seen around the world soon!

If you have elderly family members and are unable to care for them directly, this is the go to system.

Privacy and independence for your loved one is always maintained, and your peace of mind is never further away than your smartphone.

Visit Abibird website

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